En resenärs upplevelser

Annelie Gustavsson and Ebonie Fifita

“Tänk er att stå längst fram på skeppet, det är natt och stjärnklart. Inga ljus som stör, inget framför, vid sidan om eller bakom fartyget. Och det är tyst. Stjärnhimlen är helt otrolig – jag har aldrig sett något liknande.”

Annelie in Swedish newspapers

Falköpings Tidning 23 dec-05 Falköpings Tidning 23 dec-05 Falköpings Tidning 5 mar-06 Falköpings Tidning 5 mar-06 Falköpings Tidning 28 oct. -08 Falköpings Tidning 24 dec-08 Falköpings Tidning 24 dec. -08 GöteborgsPosten  jan-09 Skolvärlden jan-09

A trip down memory lane in Gothenburg

Last couple of weeks have been a busy time for social Swedish exPY:s. In one week Jenny, Gustaf and Wiktor were welcoming Sara back two times, before sadly saying good bye to the busy girl from Södertälje, now working for Council of Europe in Lisbon, Portugal. Knowing that the weather in Gothenburg would be nice […]

A report and greetings to everyone from Ulrika Johansson, SWY 18 (2006), G-group.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in SWY! I have been working in different countries before and I was so pleased to meet so many nice and interesting people from all around the world. Before my participation I was studying political science and languages and I had been working with different projects financed by […]

OPY:s in Swedish news articles.

Nerikes Allehanda, 8th of January, 2006. Part I (pdf), Part II (pdf), Part III (pdf), Part IV (pdf) Smålandsposten, Smålandsposten 25th of March, 2006.

A short update from Sara

Since returning from SWY 18 in March 2006 Sara continued studying Peace- and Development at university in Sweden. She participated in several youth projects set in Brussels, and unexpectedly had a mini-reunion with Ethemcan from SWY 17 (Turkey delegation) – small world! In June 2006 she participated in an exchange program with Universidad Ibero Americana […]

Update. Helena in South Africa

After the fantastic SWY18 experience Helena moved to Brussels for five months and worked in the EU-capital as an intern for the UN. Thereafter she spent 6 months in Madrid, studying Spanish.   Since April 2007, Helena has been participating in a Master Programme called The Global Studies Programme, which is a Master degree taking […]

Update. Gustaf moved to Uppsala.

After coming back from the reunion trip, Gustaf settled down in Sweden again. For two months. Then the active young man from the picturesque city of Örebro went to Belarus, “the last dictatorship in Europe”, to participate in a “culture programme”. A month later Gustaf went to another post-Soviet country – beautiful Lithuania. Once again […]