A report and greetings to everyone from Ulrika Johansson, SWY 18 (2006), G-group.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in SWY! I have been working in different countries before and I was so pleased to meet so many nice and interesting people from all around the world. Before my participation I was studying political science and languages and I had been working with different projects financed by the European Union. Currently I am working with administration at the University of Växjö in the south of Sweden. The university has an international profile and if anyone is interested in studying in Sweden, please do not hesitate to send me a mail and I can try to give you useful information.

Together with my boyfriend and cat, I live in a house on the countryside about 1 hour drive from the nearest town Växjö. Our house is in the middle of a forest and we really enjoy spending time outdoors in our garden and in our surroundings. We would be very happy to host guests from different countries during “homestay”. We are in the middle of redecorating our house, so please tell us in advance so that we have not cut the water or electricity during your visit…

Thanks to Internet it is easier to have contact with friends in different countries and I am very happy to get useful and interesting information by e-mail from SWY! But, of course it is better to have the opportunity to meet in reality. Last year I met Yuka K from my G-group. It was so nice to see her again and I am so impressed by how quickly she picked up the Swedish language! I hope to see many of my friends from SWY in the future!

Greetings from Ulrika

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