Update. Helena in South Africa

After the fantastic SWY18 experience Helena moved to Brussels for five months and worked in the EU-capital as an intern for the UN. Thereafter she spent 6 months in Madrid, studying Spanish.



Since April 2007, Helena has been participating in a Master Programme called The Global Studies Programme, which is a Master degree taking place in different countries. The first semester Helena studied in Freiburg, a beautiful sunny city in southern Germany, and in August 2007 she flew from Sweden to a far distant land – to Durban in South Africa, where she will be spending her next four months studying African development issues.

“A very exciting opportunity – my class consists of students from all over the world. We are studying and travelling together for two years. I am very happy to be a part of this experience”, says Helena. After New Year she will be spending her next semester in New Delhi, India, followed by an internship in a fourth country.

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