Please find answers to common questions below


Who can participate in the GA?All Ex-PYs, their loved ones, and their friends can participate. Kindly note that Ex-PYs will be given preference in the registration due to limitations in accommodation. An Ex-PY can invite +1 person who only can register during the ordinary registration period.
Who are eligible for pre-registration?The pre-registration option is available exclusively for the Ex-PYs of SWY. All other friends and family of Ex-PYs are welcome to apply during the ordinary registration period.
I am an Ex-PY of SSEAYP but not SWY. Am I eligible to participate in your GA?Even though this SWY-GA is meant to gather Ex-PYs of SWY primarily, we welcome Ex-PYs of all IYEO programs.
Whom can I contact regarding food allergies or dietary restrictions?When you apply for GA you will fill in an application form which includes questions about allergies and dietary restrictions. Be sure that you put all the information in the form so we can accommodate your needs. In general, we are planning for all meals to have vegetarian and halal options.
Is there any age limit to participate in the GA in Sweden?There is no age restriction to participate in the GA. However, if you are planning to bring a minor they will need to be under your complete care during the official and optional programs.
Are there any bans or restrictions towards PYs from certain nations?One of the core values of SWY is to promote international cooperation and cultivate cohesiveness through interaction. As such we will not exlude or limit PYs from certain nationalities to participate in the GA.
Will I get a certificate of participation after the GA?Yes, a certificate of participation can be issued upon request.
Can I participate in the GA online?Unfortunately, we don’t have any arrangements for an online GA.
I am not an Ex-PY of any of the IYEO programs. Am I allowed to participate in the GA?The GA is for Ex-PYs of SWY or other IYEO programs. If you are not an Ex-PY you may participate in the GA only as a companion of an Ex-PY. You are not eligible to participate as a non-SWY private person.


What is the currency in Sweden?The currency in Sweden is called Swedish Kronor (SEK). You can check the exchange rates via this link: https://www.xe.com/
What payment methods are available in Sweden and ow much cash should I bring?You do not need to bring cash. All stores and shops accept VISA and MasterCard (and many accept American Express). You might also encounter cash-free stores. It’s getting harder and harder to pay by cash in Sweden. So bring a credit card that works internationally, like VISA or MasterCard.
What type of electric sockets are used in Sweden?The power sockets in Sweden are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V at a frequency of 50 Hz.
What is the temperature and weather going to be like?Well well well! Even the meterology department will scratch their head before answering this question. The temperatures in Sweden are sometimes unpredictable. It can be under 20 degrees Celsius or above 30 in August. We recommend that you have comfortable summer clothes for the warm daytime and and extra layers for the chilly evenings. We have ordered sunny weather every day, but for your safety also bring a rain jacket in case our order failed!
Here is the link to check whether updates: https://www.smhi.se/en/q/Stockholm/2673730
What language do you speak in Sweden?Swedish is the official and main language spoken in Sweden. However, you will be able to communicate with a majority of the population in English without any problems.


Do I need a visa to come to Sweden?Visa requirements depends entirely on your nationality. If you are a European citizen, or if you hold a Schengen visa then you don’t need another visa to enter Sweden.
Here is a link where you can choose your country and check whether you need a visa or not. With the same link, you can also learn about everything you need to apply for a visa. You should apply for a tourist visa so you easily can get the visa approved. https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/
Which airport in Stockholm should I fly to?We recommend that you fly to the main international airport in Sweden – Stockholm Arlanda international airport (ARN). Our volunteers are going to be at the Arlanda airport to assist you with finding the correct means of transportation. Another alternative is the Bromma international airport (BMA), but you will have to organize your transportation to the hotel by yourself.
How do I get from the airport to the hotel?Our volunteers are going to be at the Arlanda airport to assist you with finding the correct means of transportation. The transportation is included in the paticipation fee. However, in case you choose to fly to the Bromma international airport (BMA), you will have to organize and pay for your transportation to the hotel by yourself.
Does my phone number work in Sweden?It depends on your phone subscription. If you are using a SIM-card from one of the EU countries, then you should be able to call, text and use your phone internet in Sweden without additional charges or limitations. If your subscription is from outside the EU, you might need to pay for roaming and to get your phone number working in Sweden.
What do I do if I have an emergency while in Sweden?We hope you won’t face such a situation. But, if it happens, the emergency number in Sweden is 112 for all emergency services (police, ambulance and fire department). You will be able to communicate in English.
What is a good Swedish souvenir to bring home?Typical souvenirs from Sweden can vary from edibles such as Swedish chocolates/cookies/candies to mementos related to The Dala Horse, moose and vikings.
In case of a medical emergency, do I need any insurance to get the help I need?We strongly advice that you have a travel insurance that covers emergency medical needs while in Sweden. SWYAA Sweden will not cover medical expenses. Please be in contact with your insurance company to make sure your medical needs are covered during the GA.
Do I need to take any vaccines to come to Sweden?There are no vaccination requirements in order to visit Sweden or before leaving the country.
Can I join the GA if I am in a wheelchair or have another functional disability?Yes, you can and you are very welcome to join. Infrastructures in Sweden including the transportation systems have been buit to assist people that have special needs. So, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Kindly note that you might not be able to take part in some of the planned activities.

Official Program

Can my non-SWY companions take part in the official program?Yes, they are welcome to attend the official program including the institutional visits. Kindly note that they can only be observers during any official presentations.
What is the address of the accommodation during the official program?You will be staying at Hotel C Stockholm, Vasaplan 4, 111 20 Stockholm.
What is the public transport called in Stockholm?The most common one is called SL. We will provide you with a 72 hour ticket wich means that you can travel by metro and bus as much as you like during those hours. If you need to extend the ticket you have to do that by yourself.
What on-demand transportations are available in Stockholm (eg. scooters and taxis)?Uber and Bolt are widely known on-demand transportation systems, besides the regular taxi service. Taxi in Sweden is expensive and the price is not negotiable. Here’s the website to the biggest taxi company in Stockholm: https://www.taxistockholm.se/en
You can also find a wide range of scooters which you can pick-up from train stations or bus stops via an app on your phone.
What services does the hotel provide? Facilities available at Hotel C in Stockholm include a fitness center, restaurant, and bar. Laundry service is available at a cost. Breakfast buffet is provided. For more information, please refer to https://hotelcstockholm.com/startsida/faq/
Where is the closest pharmacy to the accomodation? What are their opening hours?The closest pharmacy to Hotel C is Apoteket C W Scheele located at Klarabergsgatan 64, 111 81 Stockholm. They are open 24/7.

Optional Tour

Can I still join the optional tour even if I can’t attend the official program?Of course! Make sure to be in Stockholm well in time for the departure of the optional tour. The optional tour takes place four hours outside of Stockholm, and it’s difficult to get there by public transport.
What is the address of the accommodation during the optional program?You will be staying at Västerängs Lägergård, Södra Kärra 502, 591 99 Motala.
I’m only attending the Optional Tour. When do I need to arrive in Stockholm?You need to arrive 6th of August before 7:00 PM. The bus going to the camp site will depart at 8:00 PM from Hotel C.