The Frog Battle between Solomon Islands and Sweden

It is time to see more of Japan so all the delegations are teamed up two and two to travel to different parts, prefectures, of Japan. We are off to Ibaraki prefecture, close to Tokyo but a rural area, with the delegation from Salomon islands.
In the bus from the train station Solomon islands suggests that we sing songs together. They start off with a beautiful song, accompanied with two guitars and with different harmonies for the girls and the boys, that make us dream about long white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. When it is time for the Swedish delegations response, we feel a bit ashame as we stumble on the lyrics to the spring song Nu grönskar det.

A couple of songs later it is clear, that although we sing in harmony and although Sweden is the country with most choirs in the world, the Salomon islands either practiced more or they had a singing test when picking the delegates. They are simply great at singing.

But then, the Solomon islands explain that their next song is about a huge frog.

Ahaaaa, now THIS is something we surely know well: songs about frogs!

So after they finish we answer them with a firm and loud Små grodorna (the Little froggies). As we make the proper, slightly ridiculous dance moves, although sitting down in the bus, the whole Salomon island delegation starts clapping, laughing and shouting and our pride as a singing nation is re-established.

As one of the Solomon delegates said: Solomon – Sweden 1 – 1.

We finish the battle with a common tribute to ABBA, as it turns out the Solomon islands know the lyrics of Dancing Queen even better than we do.


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