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  1. Dear Members of the Swedish Alumuni for SWY,

    I really enjoyed watching your video and retrieved our memory and the unforgotten moments I have experienced during my participation in the SWY programme. Your efforts in supporting our friends in Japan is definitely bringing positive energy to everybody and specially the Japanese during their crisis which I hope they overcome with minimum losses.

    Kind regards,

    Mohamed Ahmadi
    SWY 22 – Kingdom of Bahrain

  2. Gustavo Guimaraes

    This made my day :-)

    Best of all to all my dearest Swedish friends.

    Gustavo Guimaraes

  3. My beloved Swedish friends,

    Superb, I’m sure that your efforts will be of tremendous emotional support to Japan and our amazing JPY friends!

    As i have identified some of you in the video, i discovered how much i miss you and your presence SWY 23 Swedish delegation and Kassem, I can’t believe you still have this stuff with you :p

    Guys, as we say it in A group..You are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME :D

    Looking forward to meeting you all one day!

    Amal – SWY 23
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  4. Yoshiko Baba, Babi SWY10

    All I want to say is Thank you!
    I am touched and I do hope that the situation in Japan will be better soon with all your prayers.
    You guys’ dance are beautiful and powerful and encourageous!!
    Soran, Soran! Dokkoisho-!

  5. Fabulous !!!! Much love to you my SWY brothers & sisters.
    Can we create a video of SORAN performed around the world????


    SWY18 – Tonga
    ”B” gulupu

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