Solomon Island drumming

Day 3. Air space program, particle accelerator and a welcome reception in Ibaraki

So intense, so friendly and so freaked out in a positive way.

We’re somewhere in the midst of Omani hand clapping, the Tokyo skyline, particle accelerators and beautiful Solomon Islands songs. Global village party.

Today we were sent to the Ibaraki prefecture north of Tokyo. Together with the Solomon Island delegation we met the prefecture’s governor here in Ibaraki. Spent the bus trip singing with the Solomon delegation. We were all dressed up in our beautiful national costumes.

After the meeting at the local government office where our photos were taken 250 times we visited an Air space program with rockets and satellites, then off to the High energy Accelarator Research program where they make simulations of Big bang which led to some existential discussions. We got to see the 1000 ton heart of the three kilometer long particle accelerator tunnel.

The jet lag has started to kick in: three nights lack of sleep and totally exhausted of impressions a Japanese doctor started to explain quant physics, I hardly understood half of it. But it was very interesting. I was so exhausted so I couldn’t help laughing at the whole scene.

This is a beautiful frenzy. It has hardly started and I already feel as if I’m in the middle of something unique, surreal and wonderful.

Now I hear the Solomon Islander drumming from the floor beneath in our hotel. Preparing for their local performance tomorrow.

Time to go to sleep.

Raja Bahari

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