One ship, one heart, one world

Gosh, we’ve been here for only a week, and it feels like a month.

The days pass by so quickly here, but believe me that they are very intense.

Yesterday night there was an icebreaking-night. All the participants gathered in a big room and did some games and dancing. There was one song that really got stuck in my (and a few others) mind, performed by Solomon Island: “One ship, one heart, one world!”

Not a single person inside the room stood still, all the joy that one could feel inside that room, with all the people from totally different cultures from all around the world was just an awesome experience and I’m pretty sure that this feeling is going to stay for the entire adventure, and long after we’re back in our native countries.

We’ve been practising for our national presentation, and we’re all looking forward to see the other countries presentations.

Tomorrow we’re all going to some institutional visit.

In my case, that means a visit to the Diet of Japan and also Mitsubishi co.


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