Looking back at the Departure Camp in Stockholm

Our Departure Camp was an intense 1,5 days session of preparing the last things before boarding the flight to Japan. As the delegates, the amounts of gifts, sponsored items and random good-to-have things grew to unexpected dimensions. Cracked bread, Lucia gowns, pickled herrings, ABBA costumes, loads of pepper crackers, and the plastic flowers.

The day before the Stockholm team had to do some last-minutes rescuing;
– the kurbits plates (destined to be given as the delegations formal gifts at Courtesy Calls) were stuck at a post office far away from the City so Lina had to pretend to be Åsa to pick them up
– the cuddly moose Helge and his friends were alone at another post office an hour south of Stockholm so Virginias father had to do an intervention
– And were the Dalahorses to arrive in time to the Swedish institute just before taking the bus to Arlanda?

Coordinating the packing, weighing gifts and deciding who gets to carry what - Malin deserves a Diploma in Logistics
Learning the schottis for the National Presentation
A relaxing karaoke session is of course a must to get into the real Tokyo mood
Is it ABBA or Ace of Base?
Doing the Robbers Dance - veeery traditional Swedish dance
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