Åsa Danielsson

Name and Batch:
Åsa Danielsson, SWY10.President.

This is me now: 
Lived in Sevilla in Southern Spain for 2 years to focus on flamenco dancing. Now I moved back to Stockholm and Sweden. I work as an Authorized Stockholm Guide, taking care of tourists from all over the world and showing them the beauties of Stockholm and Sweden.

Best SWY memory:
The endless, circular horizon, the wake-up calls (when it was classical music), the laughters, the marvellous discussions at our women´s club, the National Presentations, the informal talks, the dinners on deck…

I could go on and on and on. But basically it all boils down to one breath-taking feeling; that of being part of something extra ordinary, that was going to forever change our view of ourselves, others and the world as whole.

What the SWY-experience has meant to me:
The world is closer. The people on the other side of the planet are not strangers, but possible friends. The perspectives are endless. The ways of thinking are thousands. And if we listen, communicate and share our experiences, nothing is impossible!

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