A new member of the family

Now it’s official since the 6th of May SWYAA-SE (Sweden) is up and running. During a hectic spring weekend in Stockholm our first meeting was held. We discussed the charter of the association and our future tasks within the extensive network that is SWYAA.

Of course Sweden’s part taking in SWY18 was a well needed incentive to finally establish SWYAA-SE. But it is amazing to see that the interest in SWY stretches much deeper and further back, not just including the most recent programme. SWYAA-SE has gathered a group of equally motivated Ex-PYs from all three of the programmes Sweden has taken part in – SWY 4,10 & 18.

Our immediate aim is from now on to play a more active role in the SWY network. To simplify future Swedish participation in the programme. And to establish a well run organisation on home turf.

After our return from SWY18 there has been some happenings worth mentioning. We’ve had a couple of small delegation reunions in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Late night walks down memory lane accompanied by an abundance of Asahi Dry and red wine. And it is inspiring to read the steady flow of emails on the mailing list and see that similar activities take place all over the world.

And all of you should know that you are more than welcome to visit!

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