Two Aussie’s, the Swedish delegation and bread that cracks

We knew it was going to be fun but we could not have imagined food as amazing or company so great!
Two very weary travellers got off the 6am plane to the waiting arms of Jenny – 3 years had changed nothing!  And this first meeting set the tone for the rest of our stay.
Ulrika, Ben, Wiktor and Jenny
Wiktor, Jenny, Ulrika and Gustaf were amazing hosts and sacrificed sleep and work to show Ben and I around town night and day.  Wiktor happens to have secret skills in cooking and is kitchen became a restaurant as the blueberry panckaes were served up in the morning and the traditional Swedish food was presented at night!  In the short time we had in Stockholm, 3 years of catching up on each other’s lives was covered, palaces were visited, ferries were ridden about the water and good friends came to know each other all over again.


Stockholm is a beautiful place that soon had Ben and I searching the interent for scholarships and work placements that could send us back there.  It is easy to get around (especially with expert guides), people are amazingly friendly and there is history everywhere to soak up.
Wiktor, Jenny, Gustaf and Ulrika were amazing hosts!  Ben and I returned home with a lot less sleep and lot more laughs!  We were ‘ship-sick’ all over again!  In 3 days we saw the best of what Sweden had to offer to a soundtrack of SWY memories and hysterical laughter!

Thank you SWY for bringing us all together!  Thanks SWY Sweden for being such great ambassadors for your country!
See you in Australia or back in Stockholm!!
SWY love!
SWY 18 (Australia)
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