Big in Japan

The Swedish delegation together with the Solomon Islands in the newspaper. 15 January 2011. In the middle the Governor of the prefecture Ibaraki.

Ibaraki – satellites, neutrons, natto and beer

It feels like we’ve been in Japan for a week at least. The amout of activities we’ve ticked off in two days is astonishing. Even me, known for always beeing on the run, feels like a slacker on a Japanese schedule. I slept 4,5 hours last night. Someone else squeezed in three (overheard on the […]

Solomon Island drumming

Day 3. Air space program, particle accelerator and a welcome reception in Ibaraki So intense, so friendly and so freaked out in a positive way. We’re somewhere in the midst of Omani hand clapping, the Tokyo skyline, particle accelerators and beautiful Solomon Islands songs. Global village party. Today we were sent to the Ibaraki prefecture […]