Reunion in Greece

Popular food

Lotta, Jenny and Fredrik participated in the first SWYAA Global Assembly in Greece, september 2007. It was four days of conference in Athens and four days of extended program in Mykonos. A total of around 40 participants from 16 different countries made the conference a real succes. Among other things the swedish food was really popular. If you want to read more about the reunion and look at photos, please choose among these alternatives:

Report from Wednesday.
Photos from Wednesday.

Report from Thursday.
Photos from Thursday.

Report from Friday.
Photos from Friday.

Report from Saturday.
Photos from Saturday.

Photos from extended program in Mykonos.

/Fredrik Quistbergh

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  1. Hello!

    I am Efraím, a Spanish guy living in Sweden for a bit longer than a year. I got to know about this website while searching information about SWYAA. The Spanish site seems to be shut down…

    We really don not know where to look for any information about the program. I and some friends are really interested to participate actively in SWY 2009, since we didn’t do it in time for this year.

    What I wanted to ask you is if there is any way to contact you, so we can solve our doubts. We would really appreciate it!

    You can contact me here:

    Please, if it’s a bother to you to contact us, I would be really thankful if you can make us know that.

    Thank you very much!

    Mvh ~Efraím~

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