One world. One family.

Right now Japan is struggling with a leaking power plant and to rise after tsunami and earthquakes. The situation is acute. Our Japanese friends and their families are with us all the time in our thoughts. In this chaotic situation are many Japanese people showing a calm determination. My friend Kyo that participated in SWY10 is explaining the situation like this: “We have sometimes troubles in our life, but we can overcome if there is a will to do so.”

Even tough we are a thousand miles apart we all can do something to help the people affected by the catastrophe. Time is listing some of them at their webpage, visit here to see their listing. The list is updated with new information on a daily basis.

We in SWYAA Sweden decided to give all the funds we have in our association’s bursary to different organizations that works to help the ones affected by the catastrophe. But money isn’t everything. We also try, each one in their different way, to help each other in hard times even tough we are in Tokyo, Manama or Stockholm. We always try to honour another central
part in the SWY-spirit.

“One world. One family”

/on behalf of SWYAA Sweden, Fredrik Quistbergh, participant SWY10

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