8th Global Assembly – Turkey 2014

On the 30th of August 2014 more than 150 representatives from 24 nations worldwide gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to attend the 8th SWYAA Global Assembly hosted by SWYAA Turkey and IYEO (International youth exchange organisation of Japan). The week offered great opportunities for networking, reviving old friendships, experiencing historical sights and discovering todays vibrant modern […]

Wiktor Södersten

Name and batch: Wiktor Södersten xPY SWY10, xNL SWY18 This is me now: I still live in the same apartment in Stockholm since SWY10. I am finishing my Masters in Clinical Psychology right now. Best SWY memory: Has to be dancing the waltz swirling around sports deck in the tropical night in the middle of […]

Ulrika Wernersson

Name and batch: Ulrika Wernersson SWY 10, A-group This is me now: I’m married since 8 years and have two children, a boy and a girl. I work as an assistant nurse with people with alzheimers. Best SWY memory: The atmosphere.. How so many different people from different background could find a way to live together […]

Fredrik Quistbergh

Name and batch: Fredrik Quistbergh, SWY10. Batch representative SWY10. Read more. This is me now: I live with my family in Stockholm, Sweden. I am working as a freelance writer and journalist. Please see more at my homepage: http://www.quistbergh.se Best SWY memory: All the wonderful people and open atmosphere at sea. On the ship everything was possible. Learn […]

Lotta Jarvenius Rössner

Name and Batch: Lotta Jarvenius Rössner, SWY10 (NL), F-group. Treasurer. This is me now:  I live and work in Stockholm together with my boyfriend. I work at the National Board for Youth Affairs dealing with  international youth exchanges within an European Union Programme. Best SWY memory:  The people, the friends,  Nippon Maru all together. All the […]

Åsa Danielsson

Name and Batch: Åsa Danielsson, SWY10.President. This is me now:  Lived in Sevilla in Southern Spain for 2 years to focus on flamenco dancing. Now I moved back to Stockholm and Sweden. I work as an Authorized Stockholm Guide, taking care of tourists from all over the world and showing them the beauties of Stockholm […]