Annelie Gustafsson

Name and batch:
Annelie Gustafsson, SWY18 and advisor SWY21

This is me now:
I live with my family in Gothenburg, but also in Falköping where I teach languages at high school. Furthermore, I am Chairman of the Swedish UNA of this town. Out and about in the world I am, and as always, I have many plans for the future.

Best SWY memory:
The programme as a whole; nothing or no one to be forgotten. However, to somehow narrow it down; the friends, the cultures, the countries, the ocean, the skies, the fly fish, the dolphins, the turtles, the laughs… Absolutely fantastic!

What the SWY-experience has meant to me:
I have definitely grown as a person, and my understanding of the world has increased a lot. I have become much more interested in global issues, which has led to engagements not only in the UNA and the Red Cross, but also in other organisations and projects. I feel privileged not only as a person, but also as a teacher; there are so many things from SWY that I can use working with my students.

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