MAY 2016 – What 32 nations signed the last two days in Tokyo

Over a month has passed since the Tokyo Conference 2016 was concluded. The results have been reported both to our Swedish alumni and to the Embassy of Japan in Stockholm. 32 countries managed to formulate and sign a Joint Statement that was handed in to the Japanese Government on the last day. (this post is a […]

MARCH 2016 – Tokyo Conference 2016 – first two days

Four days, 32 different nationalities and endless opportunities. The Tokyo Conference 2016 is the largest in the history of the SWY-program and brings together representatives from all the member countries of the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association International (SWYAA International) for the first time. Here is a short recap of the first two days. The […]

8th Global Assembly – Turkey 2014

On the 30th of August 2014 more than 150 representatives from 24 nations worldwide gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to attend the 8th SWYAA Global Assembly hosted by SWYAA Turkey and IYEO (International youth exchange organisation of Japan). The week offered great opportunities for networking, reviving old friendships, experiencing historical sights and discovering todays vibrant modern […]

Malin Öhrman

Malin Öhrman, 26 år. Who are you? An adventurous, happy, curious and dedicated political scientist. Expectations on the trip? Many exciting experiences and intercultural encounters, strong friendships and networks. Båtöverlevnadstips? A good sense of humour and patience Personal thing? Straps to a DIY gym and duct tape!

Catrin Wasberg

Catrin Wasberg, 27 år. Who are you? Medical student, lives in Gothenburg, was born in Halmstad. Interested in music and dance. Expectations on the trip? Interesting encounters with other cultures and collaborations / seminars in international affairs. Båtöverlevnadstips? Ipod or good ear plugs to sleep. Personal thing? Cashew.

Virginia Palm

Virginia Palm, 22 år. Who are you? Curious, the thirst for knowledge and social happy person. Like most challenges and collect the large tea-cups. Expectations on the trip? I hope that the trip becomes an adventure with the knowledge, experiences and memories for life and develop me as a person. Båtöverlevnadstips? Deep breaths! Roll up your […]

Anna Lind

Anna Lind, 29 years. Who are you? Engaged bureaucrat with a passion for international exchanges like pop, running, and discussions. Expectations on the trip? Intensity, friendship and innovation. Båtöverlevnadstips? Bid for yourself, try again and laughing at the bureaucracy. Personal thing? Mobile speaker.

Karolina Leopoldsson

Karolina Leopoldsson, 27 years. Who are you? Creative, student, living in Gothenburg with an interest in environmental issues. Expectations on the trip? Many interesting meetings and events. Båtöverlevnadstips? Writing to me, or take me to the sun deck. “Sol in mind, brown inside.”, By Sunes summer. Personal thing? Ipod full of SR Podcast.

Carolina Hawranek

Carolina Hawranek, 28 years. Who are you? Curious explorers born in Stockholm, grew up in western Sweden, Skåne in a decade but has the heart of Norrland.Expectations on the trip? A cultural adventure unparalleled and a chance to develop professionally and personally.Båtöverlevnadstips? Find a really good friend you can talk to about everything.Personal thing? My […]

Petter Falk

Petter Falk, 25 years. Who are you? From Sunnemo in Hagfors, Sweden. Lives since a number of years in Karlstad where I work, studying and living. Expectations on the trip? Have fun, learn as much as possible about other people, cultures and countries, and the journey continues after we had gone ashore. Båtöverlevnadstips? Bring your headphones and […]