Sara Ulfhielm

Name and batch: Sara Ulfhielm, SWY 18. Read more. This is me now: I live in Brussels and work at the European Youth Forum as an Institutional Coordinator. Best SWY memory: The last night on Nippon Maru when everyone stayed up dancing on the deck all night long. What the SWY-experience has meant to me: A […]

Wiktor Södersten

Name and batch: Wiktor Södersten xPY SWY10, xNL SWY18 This is me now: I still live in the same apartment in Stockholm since SWY10. I am finishing my Masters in Clinical Psychology right now. Best SWY memory: Has to be dancing the waltz swirling around sports deck in the tropical night in the middle of […]

Gigi Lönn Stråle

Name and batch: Gigi Lönn Stråle, SWY4 1992 and REN01 2001. Read more. This is me now:  Married to Johan and we have thee kids, 7, 10and 12 years old. Work as a teacher fo younger kids but study parttime to become a teacher for age 16-19. Love travelinga and meeting peoples. Best SWY memory: Many, but […]

Helena Lundstedt

Name and batch: Helena Lundstedt, SWY18 This is me now: I live in Stockholm, working as International Secretary, International Department of the Swedish Parliament Best SWY memory:  Everything! People especially. What the SWY-experience has meant to me: New insights and friends from all over the world.

Ulrika Johansson

Name and batch: Ulrika Johansson, SWY18. Read more. This is me now:  I live south of Växjö (southeast Sweden) with my boyfriend and our cat. I work at the university in Växjö and I am very happy about the environment at work with students from many different countries. Best SWY memory: Visiting Japan and learning more […]

Patrik Hurtig

Name and Batch Patrik Hurtig,  SWY18 This is me now: I live in Singapore with my wife (from SWY18) and son. Best SWY memory: Looking at the thunderstorm at night, meeting wonderful global people. What the SWY-experience has meant to me: Broadened my horizon and opening my eyes for different cultures, changing the way I […]

Ulrika Wernersson

Name and batch: Ulrika Wernersson SWY 10, A-group This is me now: I’m married since 8 years and have two children, a boy and a girl. I work as an assistant nurse with people with alzheimers. Best SWY memory: The atmosphere.. How so many different people from different background could find a way to live together […]

Annelie Gustafsson

Name and batch: Annelie Gustafsson, SWY18 and advisor SWY21 This is me now: I live with my family in Gothenburg, but also in Falköping where I teach languages at high school. Furthermore, I am Chairman of the Swedish UNA of this town. Out and about in the world I am, and as always, I have […]

Patrik Vulkan

Name and batch: Patrik Vulkan, SWY18. Batch representative SWY18. This is me now:  I live in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. I am a PhD-student at the University of Gothenburg, in the department of Sociology. Best SWY memory: Meeting people from all over the world, and sharing the SWY experience. What the SWY-experience has meant […]

Gustaf Rindler

This is me now: I live in Uppsala, a student city just north of Stockholm, where I study medicine. Best SWY memory: The happiness when disembarking Tokyo harbour. What the SWY-experience has meant to me: A wonderful international network.