The Board 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to present our board. If you have any questions, thoughts, inquires, ideas or any thing else – just let us know and we are happy to help as much as we can!

We also asked the members of the board to share their passion for SWY and what they like the most about the program!

You can get in contact with us either on our Instagram or Facebook or by sending an email to

Mathilda Jansson, SWY31

What do you like the most about SWY?
– I love SWY for one simple reason – it connects brave, intelligent and amazing people from all over the world! And not only does the SWY network bring all these people together, but the SWY spirit and organisations all over the world all work for a better future – how amazing is that??

Nava Navarajacumaran, SWY22

What do you like the most about SWY?
– What I like about SWY is the way the entire agenda is well-organized, even during abnormal situations. I also liked the changing of roommates each month because it gives the complete experience of co-living beyond cultures and lifestyles.

Anna Rydborg, GLDP1 SWY26

What do you like the most about SWY?
– SWY is a lifechanging experience with a strong alumni that make the world a better place. To have connections all around the world makes us all understand other situations even better.”

Alexander Annerberg, SWY31

What do you like the most about SWY?
– What made SWY so amazing to me was the absolute bombardment of impressions each day, exotic cultures, passionate people and unforgettable experiences. I firmly believe I grew as a person on SWY and I am often grateful for having taken part in such a magical journey with the rest of SWY31.

Mattis Bygdén, SWY31

What do you like the most about SWY?
– My favourite thing about SWY is how it doesn’t end when you get off in Yokohama, instead you get to keep having new experiences and meeting people from all around the world through this awesome global network!

Martina Freiholtz, SWY31

What do you like the most about SWY?
– I love how SWY connects people from very different backgrounds and cultures, and the way the program celebrates those differences while at the same time allowing us to discover how much we have in common. Elimination of the ”them”, creation of a stronger ”us”.